About Edflex

Edflex was founded to help organizations rethink how to develop skills training and professional development in any organization.


By offering a model similar to Netflix to provide our learners access to a solution with a catalog of the best resources on the web (courses, podcasts, videos, articles, etc.), suggested personalized content to meet the needs of each learner, and on-demand access — anytime, anywhere, on any device!

Edflex now supports the professional development for more than 500,000 learners across the globe in several languages.

6 reasons to use Edflex

  • Develop your skills at any time
  • Identify new training topics
  • Follow your progress with the Lifelong Learning Score
  • Access qualified resources on essential topics
  • Get support from our experts whenever you need it
  • Choose the content most relevant to you based on thousands of reviews from other Edflex users

Tech expertise

With an amazing tech team, the Edflex solution is intended to be as intuitive as possible. Our teams are constantly working to improve the learning experience and offer you the content that is best suited to your needs.

Educational expertise

Our artificial intelligence aggregates hundreds of resources for online training on a daily basis (courses, articles, videos, podcasts, etc.). Helped by our algorithms, our educational engineers qualify and validate the content. You've probably already seen their opinions on resources!

The team behind Edflex

The Edflex team is focused on changing the way people think about corporate training while delivering on our founders’ mission to facilitate access to premium training content to learners across the globe.

All departments across the organization — IT, sales, marketing, customer relations — work to make training simple, flexible, and easily accessible for everyone!

In short, Edflex is a team of enthusiasts who recognize training as essential to success — we want to leverage innovative and transformative training to change the world!