MOOC means Massive Open Online Courses. In English, this means courses offered by schools and universities even companies are now accessible to all and free of charge on the Internet.
The MOOC are open on a given period, and bring together several thousands of people. Better than the e-learning and the simple tutorials, the MOOC has the advantage of creating a strong interactivity between learners but also with the stakeholders.

This format of online learning is born from the initiative of the large American universities like Harvard or MIT. Thanks to the MOOC, it is now possible to access knowledge issued by the most prestigious institutions across the world.

After having followed a MOOC and responded to the expectations of the pedagogical team (results to the quizz, projects/homework, peer evaluations), you will get a certificate attesting to your success.

There is many good reasons to follow a MOOC!

  • Complete or acquire new skills.
  • Follow the courses delivered by the best schools/universities.
  • Improve your CV by adding your certifications.
  • Learn from anywhere.
  • Work at your own pace when you want between the date of the opening of the course and its closure.

On the platform we clearly indicate on the form if it is possible to obtain a certificate after completing a MOOC.

Generally the issuance of an attestation of monitoring is free. To fight against cheating, some institutions have implemented certificates authenticated but they would necessarily require a financial contribution (review monitored by webcam).

Be aware that all the platforms on which you will be redirected have their own policy regarding the allocation of certificates. The modalities of allocation and prices are most of the time specified on the registration form to the MOOC.

Yes but attention: some pedagogical teams set timelines or dates of rendering of the duties which are taken into account for the obtaining of the certification. 

Very often the late registration to a MOOC will allow you to access the contents of the course after the closing date even if the latter will no longer issue a certification.

Yes there is no restriction. We recommend you to follow not more than two at the same time since a MOOC requires an investment in time therefore enough. Be careful to respect the deadlines for the submission of jobs if there are.

Yes it is possible to stop a MOOC in the course of the road if you see that the difficulty is too large or that the matter addressed is ultimately more in line with your expectations.


You want to train every months on topics you like? Or simply re-update your professional knowledge? But you do not know or seek? 
The Platform My Mooc offers you every months a selection of courses (MOOC) available on the web that match with your needs.

Once connected, you arrive on the main home page. 

3 selections of MOOC are proposed: the MOOC Of The Month, the MOOC the previous month (which always remain available), and the permanent MOOC. 

Click on the cards you are interested in, once your choice carried out: click on the button "Access the course" you will thus be redirected to the registration page of this training.

You can also add the course to your library of your personal space and follow all the news.

For the moment, it is not yet possible to register directly since we do not conceive the MOOC proposed on this platform.

We're redirecting you directly to the pages that allow registration among the designers of training through the button "Access the course". You will then have to recreate an account on the platform that hosts the course.

Please do not hesitate to ask us to help if once redirected to the page of the MOOC, you do not find the procedure to register.


Navigate to your user space by clicking on "My Profile" (in the menu to the right of the screen) and then in the "Settings" tab a block allows you to modify it. Be aware that some functions could be altered if you use a version under IE9.

By default the access to your profile is restricted to the users of this platform: You are visible only if you are present in the classification of MOOCers or well if you have left an opinion on a training.

You can also choose to display your profile including your Notices and Certifications and to be able to connect you on the site to take advantage of a library always more scope of MOOC and perhaps have the chance to appear among the ranking of the most active members.

You can modify all your information in your personal space, in the "Settings" tab.

Send us a message with the email address that you have used in indicating that you want to delete your account. We will delete all of your personal data.


Assistance by chat is accessible via the window on the right corner of your screen, please do not hesitate to use it to ask your question.

More information on each MOOC sheet is available through the Button "More Information" which also allows you to leave us a message. We will answer you by email within one business day maximum.